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Your self ordering kiosk designed for all self service scenarios!


Wiser is an innovative self-ordering kiosk ideally suited to self-service scenarios in quick service restaurants, HORECA, retail, and other industries.  

Wiser is created by our team of experienced engineers and is based on our many years of experience working with the best and largest worldwide players in the hospitality industry.

Wiser is flexible, manageable and robust

Wiser can integrate with your POS software, ensuring a smooth integration with your existing processes.

Wiser Software Application

We can customize Wiser to achieve your business goals!

Integrated with your POS and cashless system

Data-driven page generation

GUI-based menu management

Integration with fiscal solutions

Multilanguage menus

Support for upsell / meal upgrade / modifiers

Kiosk benefits

Restaurants owners know that using self-service kiosks you can achieve


more customers


Increase in order value


Increase in cashless transactions


ROI in less than 6 months

Check the benefits of each of the following categories:

Attracting new customers

You can attract customers by using innovative technologies. People love technology. Over 80% of your customers are young people or people who prefer to simplify the ordering process by technological means.

The number of orders will grow fast

Reported to the experience registered by the worldwide big chains of Quick service restaurants, following the implementation of self-ordering kiosk, the number of orders increased by over 30 %.

Increased Check Sizes

The fact that there is no time constraint, the customers option to choose and as well as marketing messages of the type: "Do you want a pie too?" or ‘Make it big’ will lead to increasing the value of orders.

More card payments

Card payments will increase by at least 30% due to equipping the kiosk with a card reader. This is proven and communicated by the large chains of QSR that use kiosks.

An easy way to promote your campaign

Do you have products in the campaign or you just want to increase sales for certain additional products? Wiser can send these messages directly to your client. The visual impact gives the customer the desire to order more. With Wiser, upselling is automatic.

Minimizing cashier errors

Customers' possibility to customize their order, significantly reduces the error rate of orders that were previously only taken by cashiers.

Reducing waiting queues

Wiser allows your customers to order and pay at their leisure, relieving that long line at your cash. This convenience will have a direct impact on your sales.

Maximise your ROI

You will enjoy a return on investment in less than 6 months, while improving business operations, according to those who have already implemented kiosk.

Low waiting time

The waiting time is considerably reduced due to the speed with which an order can be sent.

They can choose

Wiser offers the customers the possibility to choose the desired products with the friendly and interactive menu, offering them a unique and dedicated experience.

Reducing time for training activities

How about reducing training time for new employees by over 50%? Using Wiser you can use the staff employed for other activities that can bring you profit

Improving the customer experience

Even if through a smile or a brief discussion, your employees can create a connection with the clients so that they can return. Wiser saves time that you can use profitably for development, communication and marketing activities.

Why Us?

We have been partnering with the best and largest quick service restaurants for more than 15 years. We are passionate about this industry and understand its challenges.

Our success is based on building a trust relationship with our customers, based on our values of quality, flexibility, honesty and efficiency.

We don’t believe in an off-the-shelf approach – we work with you to understand your business and build solutions that deliver specific and tangible value.

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